Mid summer Soiree photos etc

What a wonderful line-up for our June Soiree Thank you so much to all the performers and to our lovely masked audience... William D Drake with brand new songs was totally spell binding.. His new tunes were magical, ethereal... simply wonderful and we heard them first at the Soiree a total privilege, he formed a new band for the night with Brian our guitarist and Alfie. William Drakes set was divine and he certainly put Brian and Alfie through their paces... William Summers (of Princes in the Tower and Circulus) electrified the audience with his virtuosic crum horn and recorder playing a treat of the first order, offering peanuts and seeds to the Gods of fertility while showing everyone why he is lauded as one of the very best early music musicians in Europe.  Mieko aka Mico also 'half' premiered a beautiful new song , she explained that she had performed half of it before but the second half was totally new,  it was gorgeous as was the whole of her set... Terry Pit was on fire as the disturbed son Martin who you may remember from previous Soiree's but this time Terry was Martin, again a first outing for this new character... Wow, it was something else a new level of thrilling, chilling imagery.... Society of Imaginary Friends opened the night with new songs including She Called The Storm which featured Louise on guitar for the first time and The Ark . We are preparing for performing at The Green gathering in August and the new songs went down a treat with the audience... The Dj that time forgot kept the night buzzing with rare disks...The charismatic  Cian Binchy's performance poetry was moving, funny  and observant and the extraordinary Jamie Kelsey Fry premiered a new poem which was very evocative and atmospheric performing it with his inimitable charm, charisma and grace and then led the audience and performers in a rousing, hilarious rendition of the Soiree's theme song ' Life is Good as long as I'm with you.' fantastic... ... All in all a fabulous... night... thank you to everyone... DJ_that_time_forgotpurple_masks_1Sekforde_soiree_alfie  Alfie_Soiree_1 Alfie_Soiree_2 Alfie_by_CaraSoif_Soiree_montage Louise_soiree William D Drake Cara_Soiree w_D_drake_2 W_D_Drake_3 Jamie_Terry alfie_Jamie Alfie_paper_opener Photo credits: Mike Hoyle Fotografix, Eric Rieder and Cara Vella.

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