Wire Magazine Review July 2017

We got a review in this months Wire Magazine. We were asked to contribute a song to compilation Xquisite Nihil: Seize the Means of Production by excellent producer Oxhy for London / Taipai label Quantum Natives. We composed the song ‘Experience Freedom’ for the compilation, the song has Louise dueting with guest vocalist Johnny Brown of Band of Holy Joy  and also features the extraordinary trombone playing of Hilary Jeffery http://www.hiljef.com/
The Wire says
‘… Meanwhile, Oxhy’s “No Holding Back” and Society of Imaginary Friends Featuring Johnny Brown’s “Experience Freedom” are rare moments of aesthetic beauty. Although the lyrics of the femme/masc harmony of the latter track reveal the underlying melancholy and profound sense of loss felt by all: “Everything was so full of promise then… I can’t get over the past, how it was”. by Steph Kretowica. Full review in Pics.

Wire Review in Full

Wire Magazine Review in Full


Wire Front Cover

Wire Magazine Front Cover July 2017

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