about us

Society of Imaginary Friends core members are:

Louise Kleboe –  main vocalist, piano, guitar and composition. Louise was born in Cornwall and was brought up in the Orkney Islands. She currently lives in Clerkenwell, London.  

Alfie Thomas – accordion, backing vocals, keyboards and composition.  Alfie was born in Middlesbrough to Belgian and Cockney parentage. He is a Soho resident.

We try to avoid the rock / pop ghettos whenever possible…prefer to play unusual venues and sites, creating an atmosphere of our own when we play. Hence our Secret Soirees….We are passionate about reality, truth and preserving our beautiful world for all future beings and we dedicate our music to the lonely disenfranchised sensitive furious children of tomorrow’s night and day.

Some of our favourite moments so far include: 

Opening Glastonbury Festival 2017. On Wednesday June 21st 2017 we had the great honour and privilege of performing at the Glastonbury Festival opening ceremony. It was a very moving and magical event which included a sacred fire ceremony, a sacred water ceremony conducted by native Americans from Standing rock, Glastonbury blessings ceremony, fire dancers, fireworks, tribal drummers, the Shakti choir and a 30ft Burning Dragon! Our message of Peace, love and unity went out to an estimated audience of 60,000 and hopefully to the whole world. Beautifully directed / co-ordinated by Etty Eliot, my costume was designed by the fabulous Sylvi Temple, with many thanks to Liz and Toby and thanks to Andy for the photos. We are hoping to release the new songs that we composed for the show Manifest Together and Fire Dragon and also the unreleased Sleepytime Donald… https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/

Society of Imaginary Friends, Glastonbury Festival, Louise Kleboe, Green Fields Opera Singer. Glastonbury Festival Opera Singer

Society of Imaginary Friends at Opening Ceremony Glastonbury Festival 2017, Louise Kleboe, Imaginary Friends Society, Society of Imaginary Friends

Louise Singing Manifest Together kicking off Glastonbury Festival 2017

Crowd Glasto Opening 2017

Audience Glastonbury Festival Opening

Fireworks before the lighting of the Dragon Glastonbury Festival 2017

Writing the music for and performing on the amazing Arcadia Spectacular stage Glastonbury at midnight for four nights with acrobats and stage invasions by giant flies. 2011 https://www.arcadiaspectacular.com/

fireSOIF_lou5smallarcadia LouiseArcadia_Spectacular_Make_upclearer_violin_acroFlies_arcadiaviolinist_arcadia

Working with award-winning Film Director Chris Newby on his films Metamorphosis and An Odd Little Opus
Shell_grotto_2odd little opusLou_film_close_up_1ballonsMeta_swimmertongue2_0
Our community opera “Ram the Opera” in Middlesbrough town hall with a fantastic all-star cast and rock orchestra…and a choir to kill for…it’s a real force of NATURE.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/tees/hi/people_and_places/music/newsid_8773000/8773626.stm

Our Harvest Festival in Barham Kent playing under Harold’s fabulous timber construction in the firelight…


Every Secret Society of Imaginary Friends Soiree…

Playing at the inspiring No Dash For Gas Anti-Fracking protest at Balcombe.

Playing the Christmas Eve show at Occupy the City of London at St Paul’s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_London 

Our tour of New York on stage with a fabulous genuine Harlem Gospel choir.

Working with Film Director Luke Scott on the soundtrack for his Specsavers Ad which became our song “Cruel Blue Eyes”.

Fell Foot Wood Mushroom Festival… playing in Barry’s natural amphitheatre in the hills above Lake Windemere…wandering in the hills with music in our ears… http://www.fellfootwood.co.uk/

Performing at the Farewell to St Martins School of Art Soho, we had the privilege of performing on this iconic stage that launched the careers of bands such as the Sex Pistols. We were the final act to grace its stage; we then formed a musical procession that lead the St Martin alumni out of the building before it shut its doors forever…

Working with Sylvi Temple on her beautiful film Midnight Hotel Lighting. 

Performing on Sir Francis Drake’s famous Galleon, The Golden Hind.