Performing at Glastonbury Festival Opening Ceremony 2019

26th June 2019: We are thrilled to announce that we have been invited back to perform as part of tonight’s glorious Glastonbury Festival Opening Ceremony 2019. Louise is wearing a beautiful Water Goddess costume designed and made by the fabulous Sylvi Temple. This Year’s theme is “We can change and heal the world..together” and we have written¬† new songs for the Ceremony which we are performing at 10pm tonight.

More Pics and news to come after the ceremony, wishing everyone a fantastic Glastonbury Festival 2019 and let us come together and heal and preserve this wonderful Planet for all future beings.. 

Louise had the great of honour of saying the immortal words ” Welcome to Glastonbury Festival” at the start of the 2019 Glastonbury Festival Opening Ceremony before launching into our first song “The Oyster Catcher” (Pachamama). The Opening ceremony is part of the Greenfields and is held above the stone circle at the top of the Kings Meadow it is in the spirit of the very first Glastonbury festivals and maintains that very special and important atmosphere. This year the opening ceremony included massed drummers, fire dancers, the Greenfields choir, The Wisdom Keepers, fireworks, burning Phoenix’s and Chinese Dragons and we performed 2 songs during the ceremony and 2 songs during the fireworks, Louise was the element of water with an amazing water Goddess costume designed and created by Sylvi Temple the dress had a sea blue skirt the size of the stage representing the ocean complete with rubbish floating on it. It was a spectacular night. Many thanks to Etty, Liz and Toby and all the Greenfields Team.. xx All photos below by Andre Pattenden.

Louise Kleboe Glastonbury Festival 2019
Louise Kleboe Greenfields Glastonbury Festival Opera Singer
Fire dancers opening ceremony 2019
Phoenix burning Glastonbury Festival opening ceremony 2019
Dragon Glastonbury Opening Ceremony 2019